The children spend roughly 8 hrs or more in school, hence parents have to make sure they eat and hydrate well. Here are 4 tips to bear in mind as you send them off to school daily:

  • Send hot lunch! Use original food flasks. Can you eat soggy noodles or cold eggs? If no, why send your baby to school with food that turns cold in a few hours? Remember: functionality over aesthetics. Working flask, not fancy flask. Also, plastic lunch boxes must not be their main food container, no matter how the advert paint them as functional.
  • Use water bottles that your child can operate themselves. It is okay to use straw water bottles for toddlers. Buy straw brush to wash the straw. It is easier for them to sip through straws.
  • Send a wipeable bib for meal time! Fabric bibs are not for dinning. Buy wipeable silicone bibs that have crumb catchers.
  • Don't pack hot and cold foods together, no matter the partition in the lunch box. Don't get carried away with trends. Keep your child in mind as you personalize their meals. The bento lunch boxes are great for sandwiches, fruits and portioned snacks. You can also portion their snacks or fruits in a snack cup 

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