Dear Child, here’s how to handle failure..

You are growing up and life will throw itself at you. You will find more things difficult to solve. You will have difficult friends, teachers and find some things almost impossible to achieve. This is simply because you are getting some sense of independence and I won’t be there to solve issues for you always. You will come to me sometimes and I will ask you to tell me ‘your plans’. We may solve some of them together but as time goes on, you may find yourself ‘alone’, trying to figure it out. What should you do?

Think of failure as a road to success. Remember you are never the only one on this road. There are millions of other people going through or have gone through same ‘road’. This will help you realize that ‘satan’ isn’t targeting you, neither does God hate you. It will help you focus on solving the problem than dwelling on it or finding solutions where there’s none. This is called ‘acceptance’. Remember to be honest, don’t find shortcuts. Remember that ‘being responsible is doing the right thing when no one is watching you’.

Next is prayer. Prayer shouldn’t be focused on your ‘enemy’ that caused the problem, or your teacher that ‘gave you’ bad grades but focus the prayer on yourself. Tell God that you want to have more wisdom or revelation on ‘what you did wrong’ and what are the next steps to correct your mistakes. Ask God for strength to resist temptation to give in to weakness. Pray for clarity, pray for resilience.

After that is ‘ACTION’. Action means you take actual steps to correct your failures. If you failed a test, you study harder, change your study patterns, increase your study hours, reduce play time. You can also ask your teacher what you did wrong on the last test. Be determined to succeed. Have belief that your effort will be enough and you will do better. Don’t loop yourself into the thoughts about other people’s failures. Think of yourself as a unique human being, one whose life has a different path, a successful path.

Lastly, don’t forget I am still your parent. I am still here to guide you. I will scold you when necessary and I will ask for your input as well because I want you to grow in wisdom and problem solving skills. Your challenges in life could come in form of anything but be prepared to face them ‘head-on’. Stay focused my child.

I love you,