The stairways is by far one of the most dangerous places in the home for babies 6-24months. This is the age of exploration, the age of being inquisitive about their environment. Protecting your stairway is not luxury but a must! 

The basic recommendation is that a stairway gate must be 22-30inches tall and not exceed 36inches for kids and 38inches for large pets. The universal height for most auto close, pressure mount gates is 30inches. The ones taller than 30inches are the ‘swing-open’, screw-mount designs. In other words, gate selection doesn’t consider the adult’s height, but the standard safety height determined by JPMA (Juvenile Product Manufacturer Association).

Gates aren’t meant to become doors which measure up to 72inches (standard height) or burglary bars. A stairway gate can not be too tall to serve its purpose. 

The presence of a stairway gate is to create a psychological awareness for the child that the area is a ‘no-no’, it should not take over parental supervision. By age 3, toddlers can safely begin to learn how to use the stairs with parental supervision and should still understand that the stairs is a dangerous place.

As you build your home, keep your children’s safety in mind. Avoid using railings with wide gaps that children can jump or crawl through. Avoid staircases with sharp ends. Putting up a safety gate is way better than staying on your toes yelling all day or blocking the stairs with furniture and household items. Lastly, monitor the kids, no matter the safety measures you put in place. 

We are rooting for your child’s safety. Shop for gates here.