As a new or experienced mom, you have probably heard many times about keeping your baby safe at all times. You have probably been told NEVER to use a baby pillow or plush toy in your baby's crib/cot due to risk of suffocation leading to death. It is scientifically true that any 'plush' item could potentially do this. This then brings the question: Why then are baby pillows made if they can kill our children?

Baby pillows are very useful for wide variety of things.

The first of which we cherish at Megakids is using the pillow as a keepsake. Keepsake(s) are items that preserve 'original' memories for several years. They are mostly things that speak volume of an event, milestone or an achievement. With your baby's first pillow, you can create an everlasting memory of childhood by monogramming baby's name and birth statistics on it. You can be very creative and include as much as you want. All you need is simply have a seamstress make a fitting pillow case with all these information and you insert the pillow into it. Viola!!!!!.....There goes history! Your baby will grow up to remember little details of their childhood and cherish this beautiful gift forever!

Secondly, it is allowed for your baby to have a SUPERVISED 'pillow time'. This is when you simply place them on their playmat and prop their head up with the soft fluffy pillow while you read stories or sing lullaby. This promotes active listening and closer baby-mommy eye contact without having to hold them in your arms.

Thirdly, physicians/doctors advise the use of pillows for infants diagnosed with respiratory problems or GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease). This is a problem that we otherwise call 'indigestion/acid reflux / excessive spit-ups. In GERD, when baby lay flat, the diaphragm flattens out and allows food move back into the food passage and up into the mouth; causing throw up.  Propping the baby up on a pillow helps to improve digestion and reduce risk of throwing up. Babies that continue to throw up may have 'failure to thrive' as evidenced by inadequate weight gain. Babies with respiratory problems may have problems catching their breath when they lay flat simply because the epiglottis basically tends to block the wind pipe more in this position (summarily, there's obstruction of airflow). Propping the head up will help keep the 'wind pipe' open hence promoting better breathing. Respiratory problems may include asthma, acute RSV (respiratory syncytial virus), acute rhinosinusitis (popularly called catarrh) and so on. Typically, babies are propped up (MONITIRED) for few minutes until they fall asleep, then pillow is removed. Be sure to seek counsel from your pediatrician about how to use pillows and for how long in these circumstances. 

Finally, baby pillows are not a total 'NO NO''. We always advocate SAFETY with babies and we do hope you have learned one or two things from this piece. As always, the medical component of this piece was put together solely for the audience of Megakids Holdings by a licensed medical professional with experience in pediatric health. It is not the replica of anyone's work. 

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