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12 Feb The Gen Z Social Guidelines
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Don’t your heart skip several beats when you imagine what your child may be doing on the internet? Think about when you were growing up; the times you did some things you shouldn’t have done, and your..
23 Dec Baby Pillow Or Not
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As a new or experienced mom, you have probably heard many times about keeping your baby safe at all times. You have probably been told NEVER to use a baby pillow or plush toy in your baby's crib/cot d..
01 Jun Baby Walker- Which One Should I Buy
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Child development experts have studied every phase of growth and that is how they come up with all these gears. To answer the question: BOTH GEARS ARE NEEDED, NEITHER IS A VALID SUBSTITUTE FOR THE ..
20 Aug Doctor Visits From Birth
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As parents of a new born, regardless of prior experiences, there is often the fear about “what do I do if….”; “I can’t remember what I did during the time of Junior…..”. During the first one year of l..
05 May Where To Lay My Infant
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It’s that time when you are thinking of building your beautiful nursery…..oops! M A J O R  S P E N D I N G  A L E R T! Where do I start? Top to bottom? Or bottom to top?..... Yes…. hospital needs…e.t...
19 Oct Creating Record of Family Medical History
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How much does your kids know about your health history as a parent? How much do you know about your own parents’ medical history? How much does your parents know about your own grannies? Are your kids..
01 Nov Elevated Temperature In Children 2
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You will need this cheat sheet to guide you on acetaminophen administration. Dose every 4-6hrs and re-asses pain or fever. Do not use adult formulation for babies or kids  no matter what. Always seek ..
01 Dec Raising The Teen-Child
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Before you get overtly upset with your teenager, you need to understand 2 things:Psychosocially, they are at the level of “identity vs confusion”. This is what Erik Erikson (a social scientist )descri..
28 Jun Elevated Temperature in Infants
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Babies are very precious and tender. They begin to learn how to live in 'our world' from the minute they smell the air. They are fragile and are slowly building up their own immune system. Elevated te..
14 Mar Beautifying Your Nursery
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It's been a marvelous journey with you all our mega fans! Welcome to another exciting blog post.We stopped last time discussing the importance of the crib Bed skirt. Today, we will continue with a ver..
21 Aug Doctor Visits 2
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1-3months At this age, the new mom probably got it 'down packed'! She knows what every single cry means, she knows the look on baby's face when he needs to sleep or when the diaper is soiled. This is ..
13 Nov When is My EDD (Expected Date of Delivery)
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Pregnancy is such an interesting journey for most. These days, technology has enabled us keep memory of the entire process. The beginning of pregnancy may be difficult to identify and we rely on profe..
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